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Offering affordable, year-round sports programs and summer camps to children in Strathmore and surrounding communities. Our programs are designed to keep children active, develop athletic abilities, and build self-esteem in a fun and friendly atmosphere.


STARS Volleyball




STARS Volleyball is the second progam that JETS ATHLETICS offers each year (in addition to a Volleyball Summer Camp in August). Once again, modifications are employed to help our younger aged players to learn and display actual volleyball skills. In fact, our very first session deals with footwork and arm swing, so our players can learn to hit the volleyball. Some of our other modifications include using badminton nets and courts, as well as softer and lighter volleyballs.

Again, each of our one hour sessions is divided into a half hour of skills and fun drills, followed by half an hour of 3-on-3, or 4-on-4 games. This allows the players to touch the volleyball more often in order to develop their skills. We also allow the youngest group to catch the first two contacts if needed, in order for game play to start to be learned. In addition, high school students (some Varsity players) are often on the teams to help with game play, and to ensure all players get to have the volleyball set or played to them. The first two sessions (Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-5) stay on the badminton courts with the lighter and softer volleyballs. These do not hurt as much as regulation volleyballs and allow players to learn and play with little fear of the actual ball.

In the last session (Grades 6-9), we still use badminton courts and small teams, but we use different nets and poles, so that the players are playing closer to regulation height. This allows for players to be challenged, yet still be able to have success at playing the ball, at this higher net setting. The badminton court and smaller teams allow for more ball touches by the players, and more opportunities to improve their skills. Again, like JETS Basketball and JETS Badminton, less emphasis is placed on winning and stats, and more is placed on learning the technical skills in an enjoyable setting.



*note our new volleyball season dates* 

To download information and the registration form for our 2017/2018 basketball, volleyball, and badminton programs, you may click here.


Our STARS Volleyball program runs for 8 weeks on Monday nights beginning Nov. 27th, 2017 and ending Feb. 5th, 2018.

Session Times:  Grades 1-3: 5:30-6:30

                          Grades 4-5: 6:30-7:30

                          Grades 6-9: 7:45-8:45 

*Please note that these times may vary slightly to better meet the needs of our registrants. If any adjustments are made, the exact times will be confirmed before the program begins. 

Location: Wheatland Elementary School

Program Details: All participants will receive a STARS Volleyball t-shirt. No equipment is necessary - everything is provided. No fundraising or parental involvement is ever expected in any of our programs. There are no additional expenses. Registrations are confirmed once the registration form and payment are both received.

Program Price: $125 + GST = $131.25 

Payment Options: Cash, e-transfers, credit cards, cheques (we offer families the option of post-dating cheques if needed), and money orders are all accepted. Payment details can be found on the registration form.

For more information: Email us at, "Like" us on Facebook, or call 403-934-4599.


Payment options are listed on the registration form. If you choose to pay for STARS Volleyball using your credit card, please choose STARS Volleyball from the drop-down menu below.

Please remember that if you pay with your credit card using the link below, you still need to mail (it is recommended you message us as well to let us know it is coming), fax (403-480-1817), or scan and email ( your registration form to us in order to complete the registration process. The Add To Cart button will take care of your payment, but we cannot confirm your registration until both your registration form and payment are received. Thank you.

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