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Offering affordable, year-round sports programs and summer camps to children in Strathmore and surrounding communities. Our programs are designed to keep children active, develop athletic abilities, and build self-esteem in a fun and friendly atmosphere.




We just wanted to say Thank You for last week's multi-sport camp! Our son had nothing but a blast, each and every day, and hasn't stopped talking about how much fun the whole week was. You can guarantee he will be attending pretty much anything related you folks put on, till he has grown and left the house! He has told everyone (grandparents, cousins, friends) that it was the best time. And he slept like a log all week, which we really dug as parents. Thank you again. 

~David and Sheri Porter



Both of our kids have been involved in the JETS and STARS programs for about 5 years. They love each session, whether it is basketball, badminton, or volleyball. They have to been to summer camps and the Spring Break Multi-Sport camp. My son's favourite thing is the multi-sport camp where the kids learn many different kinds of sports. One of the best things about the program is that Coach Fule makes each student feel special and switches up the teams constantly so you don't necessarily need to join with a friend. 

~J. Robertson


Every camp our son has attended (spring or summer) has always been excellent and made a positive impact in many different ways.

Thank you both for all the hard work and passion you share for this program. This town and all the kids are very fortunate to have you here!

~Lonnie Lassu


Coach Fule has created a wonderful environment for kids to learn the fundamentals of sport while having tons of fun.  The involvement of the high school kids as junior coaches is a wonderful resource. My daughter loves going every week. She is so proud to show off all the skills and techniques she has learned. Thank you Coach and Debbie for offering this amazing program to Strathmore and area kids. As parents it is a no hassle way to get your kids moving and active with no extra time for fundraising or volunteering. 

~ Brad and Ricki-Lee


My family has had the privilege of having all four of our children participate in the basketball and volleyball programs.  Not only have our children begun to gain a solid understanding of these sports, more importantly, they are developing a love for the game!  Coach Fule engages the children throughout the entire program and is gifted at remembering their names and making each child feel special.  He could even tell our triplet sons apart by the second day!  The programs focus on not only the basics, but sportsmanship as well, and Coach Fule is able to tailor the experience to each child’s skill level.  What a great opportunity for the children of our community!  We are so thankful for this program and will continue to support it as our children grow.

~H. Dirks


Our three children have been involved in the JETS Athletics program for a few years. We are homeschooling and we have appreciated the instruction and variety of sports. It is a good fit to round out the Phys. Ed. component of our kids' schooling. They were able to learn and participate in team sports and have a great time doing it. We've appreciated Pat's coaching and the way he cares for and treats all the kids in the program.

~ The Eygenraams


Our son has participated in JETS and STARS for 6 years and as he aptly describes it, "Coach Fule's programs are very welcoming and nobody judges you on your skill level but they do help you improve your skills and get better. It's nice learning and playing without pressure."

As a proud parent I was thrilled to watch our son make the winning serve at a school division volleyball tournament. I know the guidance he received through STARS and JETS helped him in that achievement. 

~ C. Pirie


Thank you. My daughter had a wonderful experience with Coach Fule and the Spring Break Camp. She was quite sad when the week was over. Our hope was that she would find a sport that she would like to participate in in the future, but now it looks like we may have a tough time choosing a favourite. We will definitely be coming back to your programs in the summer and next year. As a parent, it was wonderful to have a camp to keep her active during the break, especially one that she didn't mind getting up in the morning to attend. Many thanks and keep up the great work.

~ Amie


I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the camp.  My son loved it and it kept him busy.  If you ever offer a camp like that in the summer we would be interested, my son doesn't want to do just volleyball or basketball but loved the variety.  Thanks for all your hard work in making it such a successful camp.

~ J. Fairbairn


Just wanted to let you know that my kids really enjoyed the Jets camp.  They are already planning for next year's camp.  I would also like to thank you for introducing all those different sports to the children.  It's nice to see kids excited about sports other than hockey.  

~ M. Haynes


My daughter absolutely loved it. We will be back for sure. Thank you so much!

~ P.B.


I recognize the value of this fantastic way to introduce kids to the sport of basketball. Both my boys started off as young players and then proudly became coaches/mentors. They learned sportsmanship, leadership and confidence that has transferred to help them become successful adults.

~ H.John 


I was a JETS basketball player for 5 years and a coach for 4 years. I learned so many great skills as a player and a person. I loved coaching. It was a pleasure to work with Pat & Deb Fule!!
~ K. Sinclair

I had the opportunity to participate in the JETS basketball program both as a player growing up, and eventually as a volunteer coach during high school. I found the program to be extremely enjoyable, while it also shaped my desire to participate in school athletics. Coach Fule coached me both during JETS and on my junior high basketball team, and his passion for basketball and more importantly the players he coaches is obvious. A favorite mantra of Coach Fule was “it is more important to be a good person, than a good basketball player”, and this attitude was exemplified throughout his program. I look back on my time in JETS fondly, and as I myself strive to become a teacher and a coach I often rely on the wisdom that I gained from Coach Fule’s basketball program.

~ A. Pirie 


This is an outstanding program. Our children have been involved with JETS for 7 years, both in the summer camps and the weekly programs and absolutely love it! As a parent, I appreciate that they not only learn the basic skills of the sports, but are encouraged to push and improve themselves. But most of all is the emphasis, both in what is said and how things are done. It's nice my son can hit a 15 ft jump shot, but more importantly the skills and values his mom and I try to teach him for life are being taught and reinforced in this program.

~B. Everett